SIA considers transparency and prior information on the pricing of its services to be essential.

In this sense, whether the consideration for the firm’s services is calculated on the basis of a hourly ratea package or a subscriptionIn all cases, billing terms will be analyzed, discussed and agreed with the customer at the first meeting, in a clear and detailed manner, taking into account the type of case handled and/or the specific expectations of the customer concerned.

In addition, SIA makes it a matter of principle to scrupulously respect the criterion of fair moderation in the accounting of its fees and expenses, naturally making available to its client, at the latter’s first request, a detailed and justified statement of each service rendered.

One of SIA ‘s prime objectives is to enable each of its clients to act immediately with their lawyer in full knowledge of the facts, on the basis of a relationship of trust that is intended to be lasting and marked by the seal of transparency.