SIA practices criminal law from every angle, from defending defendants to assisting civil parties and victims.

The firm’s expertise in this area covers the fields of general criminal law (homicide, assault and battery, theft and extortion, handling of stolen goods, drug offences, criminal conspiracy, criminal organization and trafficking in human beings), offences relating to mores (indecent assault, rape, sexual harassment and offences related to prostitution), offences of a sexual nature financial (money laundering, fraud, bankruptcy-related offences, misappropriation of corporate assets and forgery), offences of a criminal nature terroristinfringements of rolling (speeding, traffic accidents and traffic offences), as well as the offences of criminal labor law (harassment in the workplace and breaches of the social criminal law code).

SIA can provide assistance at all stages of criminal proceedings, from the preliminary phase of the criminal trial (investigation, information and inquiry) to the trial phase before the courts (chambers, magistrates’ courts and criminal courts).

SIA also assists you during hearings before the police or examining magistrates under the Salduz regulations.