Sia has considerable expertise in labor law, and is involved in advising and litigating on behalf of both employers and employees.

The firm’s expertise in this area includes, in particular,

  • drafting customized employment contracts for new hires, regulations and collective bargaining agreements;
  • assistance and advice in the event of breach of contract (unfair dismissal, resignation, serious misconduct, etc.), as well as verification of the notice period and/or calculation of compensation in lieu of notice ;
  • advice and assistance on all aspects of the working time (working hours, compensatory rest, overtime, etc.), including during periods of suspension of the employment contract specific to the employee (sick leave, maternity leave, parental leave, career break and time credit, unpaid leave, etc.) or the employer;
  • dealing with all legal issues relating to the well-being of employees at work, including occupational safety, health and the prevention of psycho-social risks at work, including discrimination, violence and moral or sexual harassment at work;
  • advice and assistance for any employee who has an accident at work or on the way to work;
  • support for workers or employers during any legal appraisals to determine the rates and periods oftemporary incapacity to work , and the date of consolidation ;
  • supporting employers in their dealings with administrative authorities in the event ofsocial inspections or ONSS controls;
  • drafting defense briefs in the event of administrative fines and defending companies and their directors in the event of criminal proceedings;
  • the drafting of collaboration contracts to be concluded with agents, distributors or franchisees, as well as service and/or consultancy contracts tailored to the needs of the customer and the service provider/consultant